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i really don’t understand how people make fun of kpop have you seen these fuckers dance

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i love you. you made a mistake? i dont care i love you. you made a wrong choice? love you. you don’t think you’re good for anything? guess what you’re good for loving i love you

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The 17 year old student who sacrificed his life for his classmate on the South Korean ferry accident yesterday by giving up his life jacket . He was the president of the high school that was heading on a four day trip to Jeju Island. Today is his birthday. Why do things have to happen like this. Happy birthday and RIP, angel. #jungchawoong #정찰웅 #tooyoung #toosudden #rip

GUYS PLEASE READ THIS UPDATE!! The guy in the picture isn’t him. It’s the wrong person identified. He is still alive!
They both have the same name.

This is JungChawoong, the one who gave up his life jacket to save the lives of his classmates. RIP  :( 

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why does no one drag iggy azalea for her wrong views/opinions as much as they do to azealia banks

Because Iggy makes good music

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lol Simon D’s face is like “yeah you wish /sigh”

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somon coll do dokto

i fucking hate this website


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All hail King Philip of the House Mitchell, second of his name, rightful King of the Cockneys and the First Men, Lord of Walford and Protector of the Square.

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i think im gonna lay down…………

THE LAW! you all thought i was going to bed! justice never sleeps, haha suckers

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Kpop Concepts: Shinee
Taemin Version
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Another ship sunk today (18/4) in Flores, Indonesia with 100 crews in it. Earthquake in Mexico, the Sewol ferry tragedy in South Korea, the erruption of Sinabung in Indonesia, the missing plane MH370, the riots happened in several countries. Instead of #PrayForSouthKorea, #PrayForIndonesia or #PrayForMexico, we probably should #PrayForTheWorld instead. These whole things were so heartbreaking :(